1. seeking relationship advice

    ….okay, well! Has anyone here ever been in a situation where:

    (1) You are courting or are “married,” ( ah, that never sounds right ), to a deity;
    (2) You already have, or end up having, a “non-deity/earthly” boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancé/fiancee/wife/husband/etc., who does not believe in your belief system/religion/etc.; and,
    (3) You have had to decide whether or not to reveal this … uh, spiritual and previous marriage to your non-deity/Earthly partner?

    I mean, this was the “deal” or agreement all along, anyway, between deity and myself. Spiritual deity-marriage was agreed to with a clear understanding that, “of course I would/could have a human, earth-realm significant other, if I happened to meet someone or, to be quite ‘girly,’ ‘The One.’” So maybe I have met someone who may not be “The One” *laughs,* but is at least someone I’d like to get to know better. The two relationships — human and deity — are SO different that the main conflict I forsee is scaring him ( human ) off by telling him about deity. Do I just not TELL?

    In other words…EEEEEP.

    What. The. Hell. Do. I. Do. Now.


    1. fishspeakers answered: please don’t ever have children, thanks
    2. hypotheticalricotta answered: Your deity partner never consented to the relationship. You’re pretty entitled if you think otherwise. Check your spiritual privilege.
    3. pz326 answered: You should tell him. Maybe he can ghelp you to get help for that.
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    5. crustlyguardedbread answered: Seek help.
    6. asdfqewrqwerfasd answered: Don’t breed.
    7. thecolourofawesome answered: You’re a fucking idiot.
    8. theemperorsfeather answered: Yes. Said mortal and I are no longer together, in part b/c it was not a good relationship. In part b/c his nonbelief was a problem.
    9. starkeysrose said: I haven’t told my hubby. He a atheist so he finds me a little weird but doesn’t care. It easier that way for me.
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